The Boring Company will hold a competition for high-speed tunnelling

The Boring Company will hold a competition for engineers to develop technologies for rapid tunnelling. Teams will compete in three categories: speed strip is the tunnel speed full tunnel construction with canvas to vehicles, and precision strip, reported on the website of the company. The first stage will take place in spring 2021.

The Boring Company was founded in the end of 2016, Elon Musk, who said that is going to significantly improve the technology of tunnel construction and the establishment of large cities network of tunnels for cars to avoid traffic jams and traffic lights. Originally, Musk wanted to speed up the tunnelling to the right, but while in current projects, including the recently completed tunnel under Las Vegas, such a result was not achieved, so The Boring Company established a technology competition, in which she will potentially be able to obtain the necessary new technology.

The competition will focus on the creation of a small 30-foot tunnel with cross-section area of 0.2 square meters or a diameter of 0.5 meter. In competition will participate teams of engineers, and individual experts or companies from different countries. They will compete at the strip speed, speed of delivery of finished tunnel and precision — that is, the deviation of the real position of the tunnel and it exits from the project.

After the construction of the tunnels, the organizers will pass them on RC copy of one of the models Tesla because the ultimate goal of the company is to obtain technology for its road tunnels.

This is not the first technological competition, held by the company Ilona Mask. SpaceX for several years conducting the competition to create a system prototype Hyperloop vacuum train. Last year the German team TUM Hypeloop set the competition record, dispersed his capsule up to 463 miles per hour. Recently, Musk saidthat for the next competition, the company plans to build a 10 km long tunnel with many turns to achieve higher speeds and check the capsules in conditions close to real.

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