The Brazilians started the development of electric training aircraft

Brazilian-American Texas Aircraft Manufacturing company began developing electric training aircraft, which can also be used as a sport aircraft. As written by Aviation Week, the new device will receive a lithium-sulfur battery with increased capacity, due to which his flight range will be around 370 kilometers.

Today, several developers in the world involved in the creation of electric or hybrid aircraft. It is believed that these planes and helicopters will reduce environmental damage caused by aviation.

The Brazilian plane is created on the basis of a lightweight sports Colt S-LSA. The new device, dubbed the eColt, creates a double, with a flight duration up to 2 hours. Length Colt S-LSA is 7.1 meters, height 2.3 meters, and a wingspan of 9.8 meters.

Electric aircraft will receive batteries with energy density of 400 watt-hours per kilogram. Battery capacity is 90 kilowatt-hours, and its weight is about 225 pounds. Because of the battery and the electric motor maximum takeoff weight eColt will be 50 pounds more than the Colt S-LSA — 648 pounds.

In June this year, the light twin training aircraft Velis Electro Slovenian company Pipistrel has received the type certificate, becoming the first aircraft in the world, authenticated standards of airworthiness. Thanks to the type certificate, developers will be able to start serial production of the aircraft.

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