The British air force created a squadron of “swarming drones”

The RAF created an experimental squadron, which will be responsible for developing requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles, are able to join groups, the creation of such devices, the development of strategy of their application and their use. As writes Jane’s, new 216 squadron was organized April 1, 2020 at an air base in Waddington.

In the interests of the military today, several companies worldwide are developing technology that will eventually allow drones of different classes to unite themselves in flocks to allocate roles and work together to perform one or more tasks.

It is believed that the drones will be able to effectively accomplish their tasks, but also to break through the air defense system of the enemy. When the output of one or more vehicles out of action the rest of the drones in the group will take on their tasks.

216 squadron has not yet unmanned vehicles. At the first stage it is planned to equip already commercially available unmanned vehicles, which will be managed using existing technologies enterprises UAVs in the group. What devices and technical solutions in question, the military for commercial reasons not disclosed.

Later on the armament of the squadron will be delivered by drones, developed in the framework of different projects on creation of units that can be combined into groups. Other details about the new squadron were not disclosed.

It should be noted that the Royal air force of great Britain had already existed for 216 squadron. It operated from October 5, 1917 and was disbanded on 20 March 2014. Throughout its history, the squadron, in different years stationed in Germany, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Greece, Burma, Kosovo and Iraq, carried out mainly transport functions, being responsible for the transportation of goods and personnel.

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