The British air force will acquire virtual dispatch

The RAF will conduct trials of virtual dispatch center, reports Flightglobal. Virtual control room for the military will build a Swedish Saab company at the air base in Lossiemouth in Scotland. According to the plans of the military installation and test of the checkpoint will be made in 2020-2021 years.

Air force, as well as civil airline, they rely on dispatch centers that manage flights from movements on the airfield and ending the flight along the planned routes.

Traditional dispatch center is located in a special tower and has all-round visibility on the airfield. From this tower controllers can see everything that is happening at the airport, to control the execution of instructions by the crews of the aircraft and to regulate the movement of aircraft.

The concept of virtual control point involves the creation of a digital control room, located in any office building in the airport or beyond, and one or more observation towers with cameras and various sensors, providing all-round visibility in real-time.

Circular observation field in a digital control room consisting of multiple high-resolution displays, in addition to the camera images may show additional information. For example, at the command of the operator at the camera images can be superimposed data on the numbers of aircraft in the surveillance field (these planes are highlighted), and warning of any emergency situations.

Virtual dispatch center in Lossiemouth will manage a flying four squadrons of Typhoon fighters and aircraft not assigned to air base, but arriving at it. The center will also provide coordination of flights of military together with civilian.

As of 2018, the UK already has one virtual dispatch, created Saab. She works at the airport, the University of Cranfield in Bedfordshire. This airport is used to fly private small aircraft and for training pilots and research in the field of aerospace technology, including fully digital aircraft and new techniques in air traffic management.

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