The British engaged in the development of surface the robot pentamaran

A British company, BMT has been developing surface of the robot, the body of which is made by the scheme pentamaran. As he writes to Jane’s, the developers believe that this approach will allow you to create fast, virtually weatherproof and economical apparatus capable of performing at sea a variety of tasks.

Pentamaran is a vessel with five parallel hulls connected to the upper part of the main body and a pair of side sponsons. The main advantage of the circuit is high stability and seakeeping and low resistance to motion at high speeds.

The project company BMT suggests that at low speeds all the five blocks of the robot pentamaran will be in the water, providing good stability even in rough sea. At speed as the front side sponsons will be completely out of the water. Thus will decrease the wetted surface of the body of the robot and the resistance movement.

In BMT announced that it considered promising for robot several schemes, including monocarbonyl, catamaran and trimaran. Trimaran in the simulation showed the best result from the point of view of hydrodynamic resistance, but its stability in heavy seas the seas were quite low.

Promising robot pentamaran BMT is being developed to perform various tasks at sea, including patrols, reconnaissance and surveillance, anti-submarine fighting, hydrographic surveying and search and rescue operations. Other details about the prospective unit were not disclosed.

BMT is developing the vessels of the scheme “pentamaran” in 2014. Then the company announced the beginning of works on designing high-speed transport vessel for the transport of vehicles and cargo containers. It was assumed that it will be able to carry loads at speeds up to 40 knots (about 74 kilometers per hour).

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