The British experience hybrid Triplane in 2023

British startup Faradair announced in the near future to finalize the design of promising hybrid convertible Triplane BEHA M1H and to begin Assembly of the first flight model of the aircraft. As written by Aviation Week, the first flight is scheduled for 2023-2024 year, and in the year 2025-2026, the developers intend to get the type certificate.

Faradair is developing a hybrid aircraft BEHA M1H 2014. The unit is scheduled to execute under the scheme of the Triplane. The top wing will be placed at the bow and have a normal sweep, the average will be placed in the middle part of the fuselage will be made straight, and the lower will be installed in the rear fuselage, it will have a reverse sweep. All three wings at the ends are connected to the common winglets.

According to the project wingspan BEHA M1H amount of 16.8 meters. The aircraft will receive a hybrid propulsion system consisting of a gas turbine engine with a capacity of about 1200 kilowatts of electric motor power of 500 kilowatts. The latter will result in movement of the tail pushing the fan with two contrariwise propellers.

It is assumed that the aircraft can fly at a speed of 200 knots (about 370 kilometers) at a distance of up to 1.8 thousand kilometers. The aircraft is scheduled to perform convertible: it can be relatively fast to install the passenger cabin with 18 seats (passenger compartment will not be airtight), a fastening system for three air cargo container type LD3 or cargo compartment for cargo weighing up to 5 tons.

After passing the certification BEHA M1H Faradair startup plans to offer the aircraft not only private companies but also the military and rescue services. The developers also intend to create an unmanned version of the aircraft. By 2030 Faradair plans to create a fully electric version of the Triplane.

Earlier, the British company Electric Aviation Group introduced project hybrid passenger aircraft, designed to carry 70 people. The design of the aircraft will be provided the opportunity of converting to all-electric option. This will be done on the case that will be developed with significantly larger batteries than today, specific capacity.

Under the project, the British aircraft will be assembled in the scheme with extended wings and two keels located at the wingtips of the horizontal tail. Plane will install four electric motors, two of which are located closer to the root of the wing, get the propellers of larger diameter.

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