The British introduced a draft 70-seat hybrid aircraft

The British company Electric Aviation Group introduced the draft hybrid passenger aircraft, designed to carry 70 people. As writes Flightglobal, the design of the aircraft will be provided the opportunity of converting to all-electric option. This will be done on the case that will be developed with significantly larger batteries than today, specific capacity.

Hybrid and electric aircraft are now being considered by developers as one of the options for reducing the impact of aviation on the environment. At the same time, including due to the relatively low specific capacity of the battery, most of the projects envisages the creation of a regional passenger aircraft, designed to carry a couple of dozen people.

British hybrid passenger plane to compete with medium-range turbofan aircraft. Under the project, the British aircraft will be assembled in the scheme with extended wings and two keels located at the wingtips of the horizontal tail. Plane will install four electric motors, two of which are located closer to the root of the wing, get the propellers of larger diameter.

In promising aircraft it is planned to implement the concept of electric truck chassis that will help the acceleration during takeoff. It is expected that this will increase the speed and reduce the runway needed for takeoff. The cabin is planned to run the unit: within a few hours it can be converted from passenger to freight or Vice versa.

In Electric Aviation Group expects that the range of the new aircraft will be about 1.5 thousand kilometers. Other details about the project of the aircraft were not disclosed.

In March 2020, the European Union launched the programme for the development of hybrid 50-seat passenger aircraft for regional transportation, which can start performing regular flights from 2035-2040 years. The first phase of the project is to develop technologies that can be used in future aircraft, as well as on the determination of the configurations of the aircraft.

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