The British military will get ground robots

The UK Ministry of defence signed with the Horiba Mira and QinetiQ contracts to supply a total of five ground robots. According to the message of the military Department, these robots will be used in the research program Theseus. Its purpose is to identify the main challenges for ground robots in the army, to identify scenarios in which the use of such devices will not be possible, and to determine their use of tactics.

Under the agreement with the British war Department, Horiba Mira will have to supply three multipurpose wheeled robot Viking with the wheel formula 6×6. This device is an Autonomous wheeled platform that is capable of carrying loads of up to 800 pounds at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour. The robot is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system. In full electric mode it can travel up to 30 kilometers. Viking can be equipped with various payloads, including combat units and intelligence system.

In turn, QinetiQ will have to supply the British military two Autonomous tracked platform Titan, originally developed by the Estonian company Milrem. This unit is able to carry loads up to 750 pounds at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Electric robot is able to work on a single charge battery up to 10 hours. Titan can also be equipped with various payload modules, including the module manipulator unit medical evacuation and combat module.

In the middle of 2019 Military technical Institute of Serbia has completed the testing of promising ground-based tracked robot Milos. In the armed forces of Serbia, the new robot will be used in special operations and intelligence. Milos has a length of 1.7 meters, width 0.8 meters and 0.9 meters in height. The device weighing 620 pounds capable of speeds up to 7 kilometers per hour. The robot is designed on a modular scheme, and is equipped with a weapon station with a machine gun of 7.62 mm ammunition 500 rounds. Milos can also be equipped with a grenade launcher caliber 40 mm.

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