The British Navy ordered a very large underwater robot

The command of the Royal Navy the company entered into MSubs contract for production and delivery of one very large Autonomous underwater vehicle, development of which was conducted under the project Manta. According to the message of the fleet, the new device will be added to the British Navy as a counterweight to the rapidly developing fleets of other countries.

The decision to purchase an underwater robot British military accepted the results of the tender held in the spring of 2019. According to the requirement of the British Navy, the new robots should be executed according to the modular scheme thanks to which it will be possible to upgrade and easy replacement on-Board systems, depending on the task.

The British military plans to use a large underwater robots for exploration, surveillance, placement and collection of various sensors and also for anti-submarine warfare.

In the framework of the signed contract MSubs, the Royal Navy within the next 14 months should get an underwater robot class XLUUV (Extra Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle very large Autonomous underwater vehicle) with a length of 30 meters. For comparison, the length of the British multirole nuclear submarine of type “Astute” is 97 meters.

Promising underwater robot will have a cruising range of not less than 3 thousand nautical miles (5.6 thousand kilometers). Other details about the prospective British robot is not disclosed.

In February 2019, the US Navy concluded with American Corporation Boeing the contract to build four large underwater robots Orca. The army intends to use advanced machines to develop tactics of application of underwater robots, and determine the range of tasks that they must solve in the Navy. All robots must be delivered to the military until the end of 2022.

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