The Canadians will start the supply of personal aircraft in 2021

The canadian company WatFly started taking pre-orders for prospective personal flying machines Atlas. As written by Aviation Week, to begin deliveries of the first devices the company plans in the third quarter of 2021. By this time, should complete the trials of Atlas, whose first flight is scheduled for late 2020.

The development of personal aircraft, Atlas has continued for the last couple of years. It is created specifically therefore, to fall under the definition of ultralight aircraft weighing less than 115 pounds. Such devices do not require costly certification. In some countries, for flying in such machines a pilot’s license is not required.

Atlas is a single cab with a turning wing on the consoles which are mounted two electric fan. These fans are powered by battery installed in the wing. The duration of the flight, the Atlas will be 60 minutes. Thanks to the rotary wing device will be able to perform vertical takeoff and landing and fast horizontal flight on an aircraft.

The developers claim that the security level of the Atlas will be quite large. For example, the machine can perform vertical takeoff and landing with only two fans. In addition, the device is equipped with a ballistic parachute, which will be available in the event of an accident.

In the first place to put the Atlas is planned for customers from Canada. In this country allowed the notification flying ultralight aircraft in the airspace class G (airspace without mandatory Supervisory support, which allowed visual flight and instrument flight; height is not more than 1 thousand meters).

At the end of last year, the Silverwing student team from Delft technical University in the Netherlands has introduced a full-sized prototype of a promising personal tailsitter S1. S1 is a twin-engine electric apparatus type aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing on the tail. S1 is designed to carry one person.

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