The cause of death of patients with COVID-19 was the removal of a blood clot

The health Department of the city of Moscow said the cause of death of an elderly female patient with coronavirus infection. The autopsy showed that death was caused by the removal of a blood clot and subsequent blockage of the pulmonary arteries.

Previously, we wrote about’s first death from new coronavirus. Now it turned out that the real cause of her death no pneumonia caused by COVID-19, and thromboembolism (blockage of blood clots) of pulmonary arteries. It showed pathologic examination, the results of which were published in the afternoon.

The chief pathologist of Moscow Oleg Zairatyants said that at pathoanatomical research, the patient was sent because of viral pneumonia, however, at the time of death changes in the lungs, which could indicate that pneumonia was the cause of death, was not.

The presence of concomitant diseases — coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke (cerebrovascular pathology) — confirmed.

Also today, the Ministry of health reported on the whole genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 from a patient from. It is expected that this will help to understand how he got into the country, what is it and what changes exist in its genome (or can occur).

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