The Chinese are of 500 thousand times have used stations replace the battery of the electric vehicle

Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles Nio announced that drivers already 500 thousand times use the quick battery replacement. The company has deployed in the Beijing area, 131 station, drove onto which the driver can for three minutes to obtain a fully charged battery without the need to charge the car, reported in a press release.

Electric cars apart from high prices, there are two important technical deficiency, both of which are connected with the battery. The first drawback is that electric vehicles typically have a power reserve at the level of 150-300 kilometers, so when you travel long distances the driver has to charge the electric vehicle in the path. Here makes itself known second deficiency to charge a typical electric vehicle even using a powerful station goes from one hour to several hours. In fact, for many owners this means that they have to abandon long trips or much stretch at a time.

Most automakers gradually solve this problem directly, to increase the charging speed of EVS and the capacity of the batteries in the new models, especially expensive ones. For example, Porsche Taycan with fast charging can be charged from zero to 80 percent in 23 minutes. But anyway, in the coming years, most owners of electric vehicles will not be able to charge them as fast as you refuel vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Nio decided to run with the electric cars is not only a network of charging stations for their owners, as do many manufacturers, but a network of stations for rapid battery replacement. It is a box, whose side is check for the car. Once it stopped and the driver got out, the car is lifted by a mechanical lift.

Then it pulls up from below the car, which disconnects the battery pack takes him in the service compartment, and then leaves it with another (fully charged) battery and install it. After that, the car is lowered and they can be used again. Nio says that charging takes about three minutes, according to the test results. Judging by the videos on YouTube, on real stations it spent a little more time in the region of four to five minutes.

The first station was opened in 2018 and in late may, the company announced the opening 131 of the station, which became the first in the city of Foshan. The bulk of the stations located in Beijing and neighboring cities, and in addition, the station is on the great highways of Beijing—Hong Kong-Macau and Beijing-Shanghai. The 500th charging was held in Shanghai on may 26, 2020.

The idea of replacing the battery instead of charging is not new. In 2013, a working prototype of such a system showed the Tesla and then ran one station, but in 2016, closed the program and focused on a network of fast chargers. However, in 2017, after closing the only station the company has filed a patent application detailing new station design to replace the batteries.

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