The Chinese created the first mobile station quantum satellite communications

In China have created the first
world the mobile station to communicate with the satellite via a secure methods of quantum
cryptography channel. As part of the demonstration station successfully
exchanged information with the first satellite quantum communications “Mo-Tzu”, which was
launched in 2016, reports New Scientist.

Quantum mechanics
allows you to create entirely new methods of cryptography in which the recipient
and the recipient of the encrypted message can verify that they are not
listen. This is possible through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement — obtaining particles with associated properties, and
measurement and anyone can be fixed.

There are many
protocols of quantum cryptography, and one of the simplest — quantum
the distribution of the key. This process allows two communication parties
to create a quantum channel, the key message, which is required to decrypt
the core content. The participants can re-start the process
get the key until then, until you are sure there is no interference and interception
the data, then encrypt it using the data and transmit it through the usual channel.

One of the main problems
quantum communications is entanglement due to
interaction with the surrounding substance. To minimize these losses is proposed
to deploy a group of special satellites that will provide
global coverage of quantum communication. The first experimental device such
plan “Mo-zi”, was successfully launched into orbit in 2016 and tested.

JI-gang Ren (Ji-Gang Ren) from
University of science and technology of China and his colleagues have created a portable
ground station quantum communication. In contrast to the “Mo-zi”, which weighs approximately
10 tons, the weight of the new setup is only about 80 pounds, and she
it is small enough for installation on the roof of the car. Development can as
send and receive messages through a quantum channel.

A significant decrease
size and weight compared to the stationary plant affected
the transmitter parameters — it is able to exchange data at a speed of
4-10 thousand bits per second, while for large values it is
about 40 thousand bits per second.

To check
health system scientists have implemented a Protocol for quantum distribution
key between the mobile station in the province of Jinan and stationary in Shanghai
a distance of about 700 miles. The transfer was carried out through
satellite “Mo Tzu”.

Development in the first
turn is motivated by the queries of Chinese banks that already use satellite
quantum cryptography for communication departments in different parts of the country. In the next
few years, scientists plan to launch to orbit small satellites quantum
regard, the purpose of which will service commercial clients.

“Mo Tzu” is equipped with a large number of equipment, so that with his help we have produced a few records. In particular, it has been demonstrated teleportation of the quantum state in earth’s orbit, broken record of quantum entanglement and implemented the first session of the transcontinental satellite quantum communication.

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