The Chinese first experienced the largest seaplane over the sea

Looking Chinese amphibious aircraft AG600, the world’s largest seaplane, 15 APR 2020 began to undergo testing at sea. As reported by Xinhua, the aircraft first made a series of flights over sea surface at different heights. Held check was deemed successful.

Still test AG600 was conducted in a freshwater reservoir on the zhuanghe river in Hubei province. Experts check the tightness of the fuselage of the aircraft, the reliability of its onboard systems and engines, and take off from the surface of the water and landing on it.

Tests at sea will assess the impact of the aggressive marine environment on the airframe, its components and assemblies. In addition, developers will be able to evaluate the handling of the aircraft on takeoff and landing at different sea state.

Flight over sea was carried out in the framework of the training programme to test AG600-offs and landings in marine waters, which must be held before the end of this year. Preparation for such tests started in early April of this year.

Development of amphibious aircraft AG600 is conducted from the second half of 2000-ies. Flight tests of the plane takes place in 2017, and test the water — from 2018. To finalize AG600 and begin delivery of the first production aircraft is planned in 2022. The developers have already received orders for 17 new seaplanes.

AG600 length is 37 meters and the wingspan — 38.8 per meter. Maximum take-off weight of the aircraft is 53.5 tons. The seaplane can fly to a distance of five thousand kilometers. AG600 capable of carrying up to 50 people and fly at speeds of up to 570 kilometres per hour.

The seaplane is able to stay aloft for up to 12 hours. In the version designed for fire fighting, Chinese new seaplane will be able to collect water at planing speeds of 0.6 ton per second. AG600 also planned to be used for the delivery of military on the island.

Vasily Sychev

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