The Chinese have experienced a training aircraft for pilots of naval aviation

The Chinese company Guizhou has launched flight tests on the new version of training aircraft JL-9, designed for training pilots of naval aviation, including carrier-based aircraft. As writes Flightglobal, this version of the aircraft received the name of Sword Fish.

The new version of the JL-9, designated as JL-9G, got slightly modified in the nose and tail parts of the airframe, and elongated wing. Despite the fact that the plane will be used for training pilots of carrier-based aircraft, it does not have the hook needed for landing using arresting gear.

Earlier it was reported that JL-9G is used for training pilots to land on a simulator that simulates the deck of an aircraft carrier. The new aircraft was planned to teach pilots to take off using the ski jump and landing with arresting gear. What explains the lack of hook on the proven JL-9G is still unknown.

The basic version of the training aircraft JL-9 was developed in China in the 2000s and entered service in 2013. Double plane has a length of 14.6 meters and a wingspan of 8.3 meters. Maximum take-off weight of the aircraft is 9.8 tonnes.

JL-9 is able to operate at speeds up to 1.1 thousand kilometers to a distance of 863 kilometres. He’s armed aircraft gun, 23 mm and equipped with five suspension points for bombs, rockets and external fuel tanks with a total weight up to 2 tons.

China is actively building aircraft carrier fleet and needs in the training of marine pilots and carrier-based aircraft. Currently, the Chinese Navy has two aircraft carrier — “Liaoning and Shandong”. In total, the Chinese military intend to include in the composition of the fleet of four aircraft carrier. Two more ships are already under construction.

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