The Chinese made microwave plasma jet engine

Chinese engineers collected for demonstration of the plasma jet engine for atmospheric flight. In this the air is heated using microwaves and ejected to produce thrust. This scheme has a high thrust per square meter compared to other plasma jet engines, which makes it preferable for elektrozapalom. Article published in the journal AIP Advances.

A jet engine uses the law of conservation of momentum: throws his weight back, why he accelerated forward. Traditional jet engine burns fuel in oxygen under great pressure. During combustion of the fuel-air mixture acquires a temperature of more than a thousand degrees, making it a growing pressure that pushes the products of combustion from the engine.

Jet engine electroanalyt need to come up with another scheme, because it does not use combustible fuels and one option is a plasma engine where the working fluid is accelerated not as a result of combustion, and due to the pressure of the plasma obtained with the help of electricity. A few years earlier in Germany has created an atmospheric plasma engine. It air is ionized by an electric discharge of hundreds of volts, after which the plasma is ejected from the electromagnetic field. This design gives little specific thrust on the cross-sectional area, that is, when a large traction engine would be unacceptably cumbersome.

A group of Chinese engineers under the direction of Dan E (Dan Ye) of Wuhan University proposed to heat air microwaves. They collected the following construction. In a quartz tube compressor pumps air. She’s connected to a waveguide at the other end of which is magnetron emit radio waves with a frequency of 2.24 gigahertz. In the receiver the microwaves heat the air, it turns into a plasma with high pressure, after which it is discarded, and creates thrust. Because the process generates a lot of parasitic heat, the whole unit is cooled by a water circuit.

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