The Chinese recognized the successful launch of the spaceship of new generation

The launch of Chinese spacecraft of a new generation of heavy launch vehicle “Changzheng-5 B” (CZ-5B), held on 5 may 2020, was a success. According to the message Chinese Engineering Directorate for manned space flight (CMSE), the craft successfully entered orbit and deployed solar panels; currently, the specialists keep in contact with him.

The spacecraft is on a highly elliptical orbit. All on-Board systems, including power and control operate in a fully normal mode. Under the current plan, the ship will circumnavigate three times in Earth orbit, after which it will begin braking, and then land. After planting experts will conduct additional testing of its systems.

Previously, the Chinese administration announcedthat with the return cargo capsule had some problems which are yet not disclosed. The Chinese authority announced that currently experts are studying the causes of these problems. Return cargo capsule was equipped with an experimental inflatable heat shield, which also function as air brakes.

The Chinese ship, designed to transport astronauts to the space station perspective, designed to carry up to six astronauts. According to the draft, the mass of the ship will be from 14 to 20 tons depending on the version.

On 5 may the launch of the carrier rocket CZ-5B was the first such modification. First, China has launched a heavy launch vehicles CZ-5, designed for the withdrawal of payload into geostationary orbit. CZ-5B designed for a payload in low earth orbit. The rocket, designed to launch payloads weighing up to 25 tons, has a launch weight of 837 tons with a length of 53.7 meters and a diameter of 3.35 meters without the side boosters.

Earlier it was reported that during his second flight of the CZ-5B will lead to low-earth orbit a basic module advanced space station. This launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

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