The common hamster was on the verge of extinction

The common hamster is recognized as a species on the verge of extinction. According to the updated lists of the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN), which was published on the ninth of July, this rodent faced a sharp decline in the numbers and needs protection. Among the main problems faced by hamsters — new methods of agriculture, climate change and light pollution. In addition to hamsters new conservation statuses received other types, including many of the Malagasy lemurs, the African apes and some whales.

Human activities put on the brink of survival thousands of animals, plants and fungi worldwide. Often in trouble are even many species that seemingly have adapted well to life near people.

For example, the common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) a few decades ago was so widespread in the fields and the steppes of Europe and, which was considered a dangerous pest of agriculture and is to be destroyed. However, in recent years, its abundance throughout its range was dramatically decreased. Some European countries view and disappeared.

Experts from the International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) assessed the status of different populations of hamsters and have given this rodent species status, on the verge of complete extinction (Critically Endangered). This is the highest conservation status for wild populations. Before common hamster related to taxa (Least Concern), where a number of numerous types, the position of which is not worrisome.

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