The connection between exploring new places and good mood was bilateral

American scientists have discovered two-way communication between the desire for new experiences when walking and in good spirits. For several months, they studied the movement of 122 residents of Miami and new York and the changes in their mood and found that in the days when the participants attended more diverse places, their mood was better. The connection specified and the analysis of functional connections of the brain at rest, write scientists in Nature Neuroscience.

Experimental animals, e.g., rodents, often kept in the so-called “enriched environment” (enriched environment): in such an environment, the available space more often, and animals they can use different toys, for example, a wheel for running. Often animals in such an environment, hold together, and studies showthat provided that each individual site is sufficient to protect against aggression, enriched environment is in fact favorable conventional.

One reason for this favorable effect the effect of novelty, and in his work, Aaron Heller (Aaron Heller) from the University of Miami and his colleagues decided to test how the novelty in the study of the environment can affect psychological wellbeing. Their study involved 122 people of new York and Miami: they move the researchers tracked for three to four months using fitness trackers. On the basis of the movements of the participants are scientists every day, we calculated the coefficient of entropy is displacement — a figure that is used to assess activity in experiments with animals. The ratio depends on how much time the subjects spent in one any place, and how many of these places were: thus, the larger the entropy index is, the more seats the party called for the day, having them about the same amount of time. On the contrary, the minimum entropy index will refer to the days in which the participant, for example, sitting at home.

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