The correlation of the movements has helped me to appreciate the talent of the players

The researchers used statistical parameter is the correlation of the movements to assess the success of individual players and football teams. It turned out that the direction of movement of the less expensive players in matches with other players. The success of the entire team associated with the movements of the defenders: they correlate with each other within one team and winning teams either behind rivals and ahead of comrades, or Vice versa. Article published in the journal Chaos, Solitons & Fractals.

Collective behavior is not characteristic only of shoals of fish or flocks of birds, but football teams: each player’s actions affect the entire team and depend on it. Moreover, the behavior of individual players (and birds) determines the successful achievement of team goals — to score a goal. The system of relations in the team and between rival teams examined mathematically; modern methods allow to study not only the actions of individual players, but the dynamics of intra-group interactions.

In addition to purely research interest in the science of football, there are applied side — by annual transfers of players football clubs spend a lot of money, but the evaluation of the effectiveness of players in the team is still built on a small number of indicators (e.g., number of goals scored) and subjective evaluation.

Researchers from Hungary, Germany and Portugal under the guidance of Mata Naga (Máté Nagy) from the Institute of animal behavior max Planck proposed a new parameter of success of the player. They studied the relative movement of players in five matches of the championship of Germany on football 2015-2016. Scientists recorded the spatial coordinates of all players, and then compare the trajectories with other players of the same team, opponents or the ball in search of highly correlated segments (VKS; areas where the direction of movement of the athletes differed by less than eight degrees). SCD were analyzed separately for defenders and strikers, in the phase of attack or defense, as well as in different periods of the match.

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