The coupling allowed the wave-like robot to climb a step

Israeli engineers have presented a wave-like robot, consisting of two connected by the coupling of wave-shaped segments. It allows your robot not only move sideways but also to overcome a long or high obstacles. The capabilities of the device demonstrated in the video, posted on YouTube.

When creating a robot in addition to traditional methods of movement (wheels and legs) engineers sometimes consider exotic solutions — sometimes very strange structures can be useful in specific conditions. One of the more unusual examples odnostoronnee wavy SAW robots (single actuator wave-like robot). The concept was first presented in 2016, the robot was created by a team led by David Sarroca (David Zarrouk) from the University named after Ben-Gurion.

The main feature of the robot’s undulating tail of several dozen units, within which passed rigid helix attached to the motor. When the motor rotates, the tail starts moving and crawling forward or backward. This robot not only can move along the plane but also is capable of swimming and crawling vertically in narrow spaces.

Now engineers from the group Sarruga presented wave-like robot, which consists of not one, but two connected in series dnouglubitelnyh segments. The connection segments allows you to reject them relative to each other in two planes, whereby the design wave-shaped robot can now climb vertical obstacles (height up to 10 inches), turn around on the spot, alternately “stepping” segments, and can also move not only forward or backward but sideways. In addition, the increased overall length allows you to overcome significant obstacles in length, up to 25 centimeters.

Group Sarruga improving the design of the robot in other directions. So, in 2017, the engineers showed a smaller version that is the size of a AAA battery. In the future, such a device can be used in medicine — for example, to move through the blood vessels.

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