The Creator of the game of Life mathematician John Conway died from COVID-19

British mathematician John Conway (John Horton Conway) died at the age of 82 from COVID-19. About it reports The Guardian with reference to colleagues of the scientist.

Famous mathematician widely known as the Creator of the cellular automaton “Life”, as he described the surreal numbers and three sporadic simple groups named after him by the Conway groups. The scientist has formulated the hypothesis of the monstrous nonsense, and has released several books, and together with his colleagues wrote the “Atlas of finite groups”, which took almost 15 years. Conway is fond of combinatorial game theory, theory of knots, number theory and group theory.

Conway died at the age of 82 years. Mathematician Martin Andler announced via Twitter that Conway died from COVID-19, later his words were confirmed by neuroscientist Sam Wong, noting the rapid course of the disease.

The game “Life”, through which Conway became known outside of mathematical circles is reflected in reality. For example, recently it became known that similar laws formed the pattern of the scales of some lizards.

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