The Czechs will help Americans to create virtual simulators with very high resolution

The specialists of the aviation systems command U.S. air force jointly with the Czech company VRgineers started to develop new virtual aviation simulator, the resolution of the image which will be comparable to the “resolution of the eye”. As he writes to Jane’s, it is hoped that this simulator will greatly improve the quality of training pilots.

Currently, the Navy and the USAF are used for training pilots, several flight simulators, including virtual system XTAL VR, developed VRgineers. They represent a virtual reality helmets, equipped with two small displays with a resolution of 4K each. The lenses in the helmet provide 180 degree views.

XTAL VR is equipped with a system for tracking the direction of gaze, which allows you to shift the image in the visual field in accordance with the position of the eye. This system is to provide performance at 210 frames per second. The US Navy use XTAL VR for training pilots of carrier-based fighter F/A-18 Super Hornet.

As expected, the new virtual simulators for the U.S. military to be made on the basis XTAL VR. Research work on the project started in July 2020, so the technical parameters of the prospective system is not yet defined.

Last summer, then developers of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Zhukovsky presented the flight stand for aircraft DA-42 based on an industrial robot manipulator Kuka. Stand based on a generic cockpit with the imaging system simulators and cabin equipment. Universal cabin allows the shift levers to simulate a helicopter or airplane.

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