The Danes assembled folding origami prototype lunar capsule

Danish engineers have developed a new design for a spacecraft, allowing them to increase in volume after launch. They proposed to use analogue technology origami — the Cabinet consists of many individual planes, tightly interconnected and folding under compression. Engineers have created a full-sized, but not sealed prototype, and now collect funds for the creation of a full prototype and test it in Greenland.

The space mission is complicated not only by the fact that the devices must operate in harsh conditions with temperature extremes and intense ionizing radiation. The developers of the missions are faced with more “mundane” problems associated with the capabilities of the missiles. The main of them is the strong limit on the mass of the payload. But even if the rocket is able to lift the machine with a certain weight, it can be too large in size and simply do not fit in the fairing.

This problem can be solved by using a new missile with a wider head fairings and machines with folding design. Projects folding space vehicles already exist, and three prototypes of the company Bigelow Aerospace has already flown into space: the last one was successfully deployed on the ISS in 2016. Bigelow Aerospace used these modules to design flexible camera with sealed inner polymer layer and outer layers of Kevlar and other materials to protect from external influences.

Danish engineers from the Studio SAGA Space Architects under the leadership of Sebastian Aristotelis (Sebastian Aristotelis) and Karl-Johan Sorensen (Karl-Johan Sørensen) developed foldable design the crew module for use in a vacuum, based on rigid segments connected by flexible jumpers.

A large part of the body consists of rigid segments United into a looped origami pattern Miura-ori with alternating layers. In the folds of this origami pattern are polymer segments, which essentially act as hinges between rigid surfaces. If you need to change the volume of the capsule circles of the segments you can pull down and sideways (or up and sideways).

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