The Danes will open the production of synthetic aviation fuel

The Danish airport Kastrup, working in Copenhagen, has created a consortium, which will manufacture environmentally neutral synthetic fuel for ground airfield equipment, ships and passenger aircraft. As written by Aviation Week, it is planned that by 2030 the share of synthetic fuels in the total consumption of the airport of Copenhagen will amount to at least 30 percent.

Synthetic fuel is considered as an environmentally neutral fuel, since it is in the process of combustion does not affect the balance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The fact that for the production of such a fuel is carbon dioxide.

In the new Danish consortium, in addition to Kastrup, also includes Scandinavian airline SAS, the Danish transport company Maersk and DSV Pinalpina, the operator of ferries and DFDS energy company Orsted. Plant for the production of synthetic fuels is planned to build on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea.

For the production of fuel will be used hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of water. The power necessary for operation of the cell with a capacity of 10 megawatts will be generated by wind farms. In addition, the company will mounted an installation to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The project will be implemented in several stages. The first will be completed by 2023. It is planned that by the end of the first phase of the electrolyzer will produce hydrogen for ground transportation. In the second phase, the capacity of the electrolytic installation will be increased to 250 megawatts. This phase will be completed by 2027. By this time the production of synthetic fuels.

Finally, by 2030, the capacity of the electrolytic installation will be increased to 1.3 GW. All the stages of production expansion is tied to the construction queue of a wind power plant near the island of Bornholm. Its construction has been the company Orsted. By 2030, the station’s capacity will reach 5 gigawatts.

In the middle of last year, researchers from ETH Zurich opened in Spain, a pilot plant for the production of synthetic fuels, reactors which operate completely on solar energy.

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