The development of the Russian ergonomic pistol will be completed in 2020

Development work on the project gun Lebedev, is positioned as a replacement for the outdated Makarov pistol, will be completed by the end of 2020. As reports RIA Novosti, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, the project has been the creation of cropped and full-sized versions of weapons — PL-15K and f-15 respectively.

Over the past few years, launched several projects to develop a new gun that could be replaced in the army Makarov pistol. In particular, as a replacement PM was positioned a gun “Boa” caliber 9×21 mm, adopted in October last year. Despite this, then defense Ministry has not yet announced the mass refusal from the PM.

Gun Lebedev was developed in early 2010-ies sports shooter and designer Dmitry Lebedev. In addition, the emphasis was given to the weapon balancing and ergonomics. These qualities allow to some extent to increase the accuracy of aimed fire and fire without thinking.

PL-15 designed for the use of the cartridges of caliber of 9×19 mm Parabellum. The weapon has a length of 220 mm barrel length 127 mm, width 28 mm and height of 136 mm. The basic version of the gun is equipped with a single-column magazine of 14 rounds. The weight of the weapon without bullets is 720 grams.

Weapons made relatively compact with an ergonomic handle. It has a small distance between the butt pad arm and the Central axis of the bore. Due to this, the barrel slightly dominates squeezing the handle with his palm. This solution allows to better control the recoil of the gun, to increase accuracy and rate of fire and reduce the time re-aiming.

The switch lever of the fuse and slide stop, and magazine catch button are made double-sided. The pistol Lebedev works on the principle of short recoil of the barrel. The locking is the warp barrel.

Shock trigger mechanism is made self-cocking, hammer type with a hidden location and inertial firing pin. When the safety trigger and the trigger are separated. In General shock trigger mechanism is designed in such a way that the guns could not produce a spontaneous shot even when falling from a height.

In PL-15, the pressure on the trigger is four pounds; length of stroke of hook 7 mm. The gun is equipped with a tactile indication of the presence of a cartridge in the barrel — if there is a cartridge in the rear part of the bolt is a little special pin, allowing touch to determine whether the weapon is loaded.

In September last year, managing Director of the Izhevsk mechanical plant Alexander Gvozdik , statedthat the mass production of the gun Lebedev will begin before the end of 2019. Guslick also noted that the weapons will be in combat and civilian versions.

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