The dog ran 20 metres to the North or South and then ran to the owner

Czech biologists found that when navigating the dogs first run of about 20 meters North or South and then run to the master by the shortest path. Walk along the arrow of the compass increased the efficiency of navigation in the experiment. Eliminating the possibility of the orientation of the sun or of smell, the authors of the article in the journal eLife suggestedthat dogs use the Earth’s magnetic field to determine direction.

Dogs are perfectly able to find their way home even if you release them in a strange place, and the hunting dogs are prey for several kilometers, and then return to the owner. During the First world war, even dogs were used as messengers to deliver important messages. However, the mechanisms of navigation of these animals is practically unknown — we do not know what the guidelines and strategies they use to from any point to return home by the shortest route.

Biologists from the United States and the Czech Republic under the leadership of Hynek Burda (Burda Hynek) of the Czech agricultural University investigated the navigation of 27 Beagle dogs 10 breeds. Animal wore a collar with a GPS tracker and an action camera that filmed part of the head and the space in front of the dog. The researchers recorded the routes single Jogging dogs during walks with owners in different locations.

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