The dogs obeyed the commands of the robot

American scientists have found that dogs can obey the commands of humanoid robots, but do not obey if the command comes from ordinary speakers. In their work the researchers used a Japanese robot Nao: dog stared at him when he called them the nickname, as well as sat, if the robot ordered them to sit. The work was presented at the conference HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) 2020, which was held in March in online mode.

One of the main differences of the smart devices from the standard is how the user perceives them. For example, the conventional system is perceived simply as a column, which gives the sound; smart column, in turn, is something like a companion and helper, humanoid robots are often perceived almost as full members of society who can have their interests and emotions.

With robots, however, interact not only people but their Pets, so interesting to see how the smart technology they perceive. Decided to do this, researchers from Yale University led by Bryan Scarlatti (Brian Scasselatti). Their study involved 34 dogs of different ages: an important criterion for participants was that they all had to obey the command “sit”.

Dogs were divided into two groups: the first listened to the commands from the humanoid robot Nao, and the second from ordinary speakers. During the experiment number of animals were also their owners and the experimenter.

In the first experiment, the researchers evaluated the response of dogs to how either a robot or column calls them by name: the researchers used a pre-made record of the experimenter is a woman pronounces the name of the dog. The main indicator of the reaction of the dogs was the direction they were looking — it was estimated by the video.

Before the dog heard his name, they preferred to look to their owners or of the experimenter, and also on other items, not paying much attention to either the column or the robot. Those dogs, which are called by the name of the robot, drew attention to it, but on the column, no attention is still not paid.

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