The Dutch adapted the Google Glass for the blind and visually impaired

The Dutch company Envision together with Google released glasses for the blind and visually impaired people: they are equipped with a camera with computer vision and voice assistant. Such glasses can not only help to Orient in space, but also to read the text, learn other people and describe the surroundings. Glasses are available for pre-order, and deliveries will begin in August.

The idea of creating gadgets that help visually impaired people to navigate in space, is not new, and almost all of them used the technologies of object recognition and voice assistant that talks to the person about what is happening around. However, such devices often solve only specific tasks, for example, are used only for navigation in space, as the app is from Microsoft, or allow you to read, as glasses Japanese company Oton Glass.

However, take a more multifunctional device engineers are also trying, although the market they rarely come. One of these devices — new glasses from Envision. The company has already developed an app for visually impaired people for smartphones. It can recognize objects, text, and even individual people (those whose photos are in the phone book on your smartphone).

Glasses can do all the same thing: the recognition takes place using the built-in camera and a speaker using the voice assistant talks about what he sees. The main feature points in text recognition: the company claims that they can recognize and reproduce aloud even handwritten text, and also texts written in 60 languages.

Recognition system built into Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition, which Google introduced in may of last year (although Envision has made the frame a bit more compact). Glasses now available for pre-order at a price of 1699 dollars, then the price will rise to 2099 dollars. Delivery points the company will start in August this year.

Many visually impaired people also use a special long stick, which the developers also used to create assistive technologies. For example, in the stick inserted analogue sensors, as well as did based on it augmented reality.

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