The Estonians introduced the crawler robot with a remotely controlled weapon station

The Estonian company Milrem Robotics introduced a universal tracked platform for a combat robot Type-X with a remotely controlled weapon station CPWS II. As reports Jane’s, this module can be equipped with guns M242, 25 M 811 or KBA caliber 25 mm or 30-mm 2A72 or ZTM-1 with ammunition up to 150 shots.

The military of many countries interested in the development and adoption of the combat robots of various classes. It is expected that such machines will be able to take care of the combat tasks, reducing casualties among the troops. The first combat robots are supposed to be used for reconnaissance, patrol and protection of military bases.

The development of a combat robot Type-X is Milrem Robotics since last year. First, the company announced the development of the unit in the spring of this year. Machine length is 6 meters, width 2.9 meters, and the height along with the combat module is 2.2 meters. Weight tracked vehicles is 12 tons.

The robot is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system based on diesel engine with the placement of the engine and electric motors at the rear, and batteries in the bow. The machine will be able to move at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, and the range of its travel will be about 600 kilometers.

In March 2020, the UK Ministry of defence signed with the companies Horiba Mira and QinetiQ contracts to supply a total of five ground robots. These devices will be used in the research program Theseus. Its purpose is to identify the main challenges for ground robots in the army and to determine their use of tactics.

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