The Estonians showed a prototype robotic weapon platforms

The Estonian company Milrem Robotics showed the first prototype of the platform a large military armored vehicle-robot Type-X, are now trying to collect her engineers. It is assumed that the platform can be used for different tasks: it can be equipped with remotely-controlled turret with a gun, radar station or a truck bed.

Many countries are already not the first decade are moving to unmanned combat vehicles, which allows to solve tasks without endangering the crew. Most notably, in aviation, where unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance mostly, but also drums are already actively used in military conflicts.

The army is an active automation, mainly it manifests itself in the form of relatively small robots designed for reconnaissance and security. Estonian Robotics Milrem previously specialized on such robots and created a small platform for military and civilian applications.

In the spring she announced the creation of a universal platform for robotic combat vehicles, and now showed the first sample. The car was named Type-X. the size and weight of the platform is comparable to then airborne fighting vehicles, including a modern version of the BMD-4. Vehicle weight is 12 tons, the length can reach six meters, width 2.9 meters, height is 2.2 meters including installation of the tower. The company notes that the height was calculated under the cargo compartment of a transport aircraft C-130 Hercules. He can carry only one such car, and other transporters of the NATO countries will be able to carry more, for example, the C-17 will potentially be able to accommodate up to six of these machines.

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