The Europeans closed the project demonstrator hybrid passenger plane

The European aircraft concern Airbus and the British company Rolls-Royce has closed the project of creation of a demonstrator hybrid passenger plane E-Fan X. About it as writes Flightglobal, said the chief technology officer of the group the grace of Vittadini. According to her, the main reason for the closure of the project was pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-2019, hit hard by the aviation industry and aviation transport.

Despite the closure of the project E-Fan X chief Director of technology, Rolls-Royce, Paul Stein stated that the company will continue testing of on-Board systems hybrid aircraft and its propulsion system. In particular, the company intends to complete the development of the generator and carry a full range of testing. Rolls-Royce will also complete projects temperature control systems and energy distribution between the onboard systems.

Project E-Fan X launched in 2017. The project involved alteration in hybrid demonstrator passenger plane the BAE Systems Avro RJ100 (BAe 146). The plane was supposed to establish a gas turbine engine Rolls-Royce AE 2100, which would rotate the generator with a capacity of two megawatts. This generator through the management and distribution of energy was supposed to charge the onboard battery and powering the blower motor with a capacity of two megawatts installed in place of the third turbofan engine.

An electric fan was planned to assemble the electric motor from Siemens, as well as air intake and fan motor AE 3700. The first flight of a hybrid demonstrator aircraft was originally planned for 2020, but then it was moved to 2021-th. After the first phase of flight tests on the E-Fan X electric fan was planned to replace the second engine. All work for alteration of turbofan aircraft in the hybrid was carried out in the hangar Cranfield airport in the UK.

In early March, 2020, the European Union launched the programme for the development of hybrid 50-seat passenger aircraft for regional transportation, which can start performing regular flights from 2035-2040 years. The first phase of the project is to develop technologies that can be used in the perspective plane, and also determination of the configuration of the aircraft. The project was named Futprint50. Its Prime developer was the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

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