The Europeans have been developing a 50-seat hybrid aircraft

The European Union launched the programme for the development of hybrid 50-seat passenger aircraft for regional transportation, which can start performing regular flights from 2035-2040 years. As written by Aviation Week, the first phase of the project is to develop technologies that can be used in advanced aircraft, also the definition of the configurations of the aircraft.

Today, airlines and aircraft designers are looking for ways to reduce the amount of harmful emissions. In particular, airlines, have accepted the recommendations of the International civil aviation organization must support the level of carbon dioxide emissions to a level of 2020.

In addition, carriers by 2050 we need to reduce the emissions of harmful substances, including carbon dioxide, by 50 percent compared with 2005 levels. It is believed that the transition to hybrid and electric aircraft will significantly reduce emissions from aviation.

The European project passenger hybrid 50-seat aircraft was named Futprint50. Its Prime developer was the University of Stuttgart in Germany. The project also involved the Brazilian company Embraer and several companies from, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. From the project involves the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Zhukovsky.

The first phase of the project should be completed in December 2022. In total, the first phase of the project is expected to cost 7.6 million euros, of which 4.7 million from the EU budget.

It is assumed that in addition to the best environmental performance, the new hybrid aircraft will be cheaper to operate. In addition, its maintenance will require less equipment. With this aircraft will be able to use existing and new small airfields that will significantly expand the regional network.

In August last year, the Swedish startup Heart Aerospace engaged in the development of hybrid passenger aircraft for small aircraft, on which later it is planned to create a regional passenger aircraft. Certification of aircraft for small aircraft is planned to be completed by 2025. By this time, the developers plan to expand the production of new aircraft.

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