The false pen of the scribes

The fragments in question belong to an extensive body of so-called manuscripts or scrolls from the Dead sea: the texts written in the III century BC — I century ad and hidden in the Qumran caves in the Judean desert. Among these manuscripts is the oldest extant ot texts and documents that shed light on the religious and cultural history of the region in the era of the rise of Christianity.

Most of the finds from Qumran is now kept in the Shrine of the Book, a special section of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, some settled in University and other scientific collections around the world, and some remain in private collections.

If the Antiques market there is a new, not previously described fragment of the Qumran manuscripts, that means selling it to someone from the owners or the heirs of old collections. Such transactions are extremely rare and kept under strict supervision by specialists.

Between 2002 and 2017 only in the US, it sold 28 fragments of manuscripts of the Dead sea, and around the world — more than 70. This growth could not be alerted specialists.

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