The fear of appearing a thief in their eyes prompted people to return the wallet with a large sum of money

behave honestly, because I don’t want to think badly about themselves — researchers
found that people with greater
likely to return a lost someone
wallet with money than without them, and with
amount of money than less. However, his concern is not fear of punishment or hope
reward, and that he will consider himself a thief, is reported in Science.

is one of the foundations of the economy and
social life. Corruption and illicit financial
operations annually yield lossof about
1.3 trillion dollars, about
equal to the GDP of Australia. But honest behavior
may conflict with the material
the human needs. If the person
you will find on the street a purse, which has
the contacts of the owner is unknown,
whether he will return or not, and it is unclear how the material
interest will affect it

the economic model predicts,
that people will behave honestly until
long as their honesty will not come in
conflict with financial incentives.
What he will more the likely
people lie or deceive. Psychological
the model, which is based on maintaining
his own image, predicts,
that man will cheat until
long as he does not reconsider its
picture of yourself and you will not see the
themselves in a negative light. However,it is unclear
what happens if these models are to push: what will be more important to
one, your own image or
financial incentive?

find out, Swiss and American
researchers under the leadership of Michel
André Maréchal (Michel
André Maréchal) from the University of Zurich
decided to conduct a field experiment
which was involved 17303 person
in 355 cities from 40 countries. Scientists and their
assistants visited the 5-8 major
cities in the country and held them in
average of 400 experiments. During
researchers brought
the “lost” wallet to the Bank, theater,
Museum or other cultural institution
the post office, the hotel or the police station. They
gave it to one of the employees
of the organization, citing the lack of
they themselves asked me to find
owner and to return the thing to him. Purse
consists of a transparent plastic
business card holders, which was a key, a list of
purchases and three of his business cards
“owner” with his name and address
e-mail. In some wallets
the researchers added money
the equivalent of 13.45
dollars in local currency. Researchers
has created for each separate wallet
e-mail and tracked mail
within 100 days after the “loss” of the purse.

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