The fifth generation of unmanned vehicles Waymo will notice the STOP sign for half a mile

Waymo introduced the fifth generation of its management system unmanned vehicle Waymo Driver. The new drones will be equipped with improved sensors on each machine five lidars and radars, and the range recognition has increased so much that now the car can recognize the sign “Movement without stopping is prohibited” for 500 meters, said in the company blog.

Waymo the company began as one of the pilot projects of Google X. Google since 2009 have developed an unmanned vehicle and it was originally planned that the road will run not a converted production model, and independently developed in Google electric Firefly. In 2016, the project Google Self-Driving Car has become an independent company Waymo in holding Alphabet, and in the summer of 2017, a decision was made definitively to abandon the car Firefly.

Since the main platform for the construction of unmanned vehicles Waymo was minivans Chrysler Pacifica. In 2018 , it became known about the plans for the purchase of up to 20 thousand unmanned Jaguar I-Pace. This electrocreaser chosen as the main platform for the installation of the fifth generation system Driver Waymo — Waymo so call their control system for an unmanned vehicle.

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