The first commercial satellite to the Moon will be launched by 2023

CommStar, a private company, Space Communications intends to send into space the first commercial satellite repeater to transmit data between Moon and Earth. As reported on the website of the company, to do this she plans no later than 2023.

Deep space communication is always complicated by the attenuation due to scattering in the space, so even today, the connection between Earth and the Moon — quite a difficult task. The distance that needs to be overcome is to 384, 5 thousand kilometers. For transfer requires powerful (and therefore heavy and bulky) equipment to be launched into space will be costly.

Therefore, for deep space communication is proposed to use relay satellites which will receive data from the spacecraft and relay them accurately to ground-based receivers. Today in orbit around the Earth is several such devices, including then system “Luch”, but they all belong to the national space agencies.

CommStar Communications Space intends to become the first company that will launch into space a private satellite repeater to communicate with the Moon. Device called CommStar-1 will be designed as a hybrid system for RF and optical (laser) transmission. It is expected to become the largest communication platform of all is that today are on the surface or orbit around the moon, and would allow other lunar missions to use a less powerful and heavier equipment to send information.

As representatives of the company, CommStar-1 will use cloud computing, particularly PaaS (“platform as a service”) or SaaS (“software as a service”), and directly distribute data to different cloud storage and laboratories using the existing communication systems between space and ground stations. In addition, users will have permanent access to repeater using end-to-end encryption for the transmission of information.

On the creation of the first satellite Space CommStar Communications works in conjunction with Thales Alenia Space, the largest manufacturer of satellites in Europe. It is planned that CommStar-1 will be the first handset from the family of repeaters in circumlunar space. The company intends to send the relay into space in 2023, but who will launch and when, is not yet known.

Earlier it was reported that in the same year, Northrop Grumman intends to send into space first manned lunar module of the space station Gateway. It is planned to use as a base for expeditions of astronauts on the surface of the moon to test technologies that will later form the basis of the first manned missions to Mars.

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