The first manned launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon is scheduled for may 27

The first manned launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon is the first in a decade since the “retirement” of the Shuttle launch American spacecraft with the crew — is scheduled for may 27, said the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein.

Manned spacecraft Space Shuttle stopped flying in 2011, in connection with the crash of the space Shuttle Columbia. After that, American, European, Japanese and canadian astronauts delivered to the ISS onlyn “Soyuz”. To return to the United States independent access to orbit, NASA has launched a competition for the development of private manned spacecraft.

Before the final stage reached SpaceX and Boeing, which for several years have developed their ships Crew Dragon and CST-100 Cockpit. In 2019, the two companies sent their devices into space unmanned (Boeing faced problems Starliner returned to Earth before reaching the ISS), and for 2020 both the developer outlined the first manned test flight, after which should begin routine operation.

Now NASA has set a date of start. The Falcon 9 rocket with the Dragon spacecraft Crew will start may 27 20:32 GMT (23:32 Moscow time) from pad 39A space center NASA Kennedy in Florida. With this platform, was held last launch of the space Shuttle. Astronauts Doug Hurley (Hurley Doug) and Bob Behnken (Bob Behnken) will be the first crew aboard the Crew Dragon, one day they will have to dock to the ISS. They will be able to stay on station for 110 days, but the exact duration of the mission has not yet been determined.

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