The first modernized Borey passed state tests

Strategic nuclear submarine submarine “Prince Vladimir” project 955A “Borey-A” successfully passed state tests. As writes Mil.Press FlotProm, test cruiser was held may 12 at the White sea in surface and submerged positions. The decision on registration of a vehicle for weapons will be made soon.

“Prince Vladimir” is the first underwater vehicle built by the modernized project 955A, and the fourth in the project “Borey”. The first three ships — “Yury Dolgoruky”, “Alexander Nevsky” and “Vladimir Monomakh”, built by 955. With a length of 170 meters and width of 13.5 meters, these ships have an underwater displacement of 24 thousand tons.

Cruiser of the project “Borey” is equipped with six torpedo tubes caliber of 533 millimeters. Submarines also have 16 launchers for ballistic missile submarines R-30 “Bulava”. The missile can reach the speed of 29 knots, and the maximum depth of their dives is 480 meters.

Submarine of the project 955A differs from the basic version of the reduced level of physical fields (electric, acoustic, infrared, magnetic and some other fields, characteristic of the ship, as a material object). This means that the upgraded “Borei” harder to detect using existing search tools.

In addition, the ships of the upgraded project had improved communications, detection and weapon control. Cruisers equipped with 16 silo launchers for Intercontinental ballistic missiles R-30 “Bulava”.

“Prince Vladimir”, founded in 2012, was launched in 2017. in Addition to this submarine project “Borey-A” built four more ships: “Prince Oleg”, “Generalissimo Suvorov”, “Emperor Alexander III” and “Prince Pozharsky”.

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