The first people migrated to America 30 thousand years ago

America could be inhabited by humans even during the maximum of the last glaciation (of 26.5 and 19 thousand years ago), or even shortly before it. This is indicated by two independent studies (1, 2) published in Nature. In one of them the results of the excavations in the cave Chiquita the Mexican state of Zacatecas, according to which it turns out that the people in it lived already 30-13 thousand years ago. In another discussion of the Dating of various artifacts from 42 archaeological sites in North America and Beringia and the specified time of mass resettlement of people on the continent (14.7 to 12.9 thousand years ago), and the impact of this event on the local fauna.

When and who settled in America — a subject of constant debate. In the XX century for a long time it was believed that it was the people of the Clovis culture, identifiable by the distinctive stone spearheads, and that they appeared 9,5–11,5 thousand years ago. In recent decades, this hypothesis became unpopular, as archaeologists discovered in North, Central and South America, a number of older sites of the ancient people (from 13 to 15 thousand years ago).

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