The first stage of Falcon 9 was unable to return after the withdrawal satellites into orbit. It was her fifth start

SpaceX successfully launched into orbit the sixth batch of 60 satellites Starlink. The first stage of Falcon 9, for which this was the fifth flight, failed to return a rocket motor non-standard disconnected for a few seconds before separating the first and second stages, which, presumably, subsequently, did not allow her to sit on the floating platform. At the same time managed to bring the two halves of payload fairing. Live webcast launch was conducted on YouTube channel SpaceX.

Is positioning SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and the Falcon Heavy as reusable, and has repeatedly used the first stage of the Falcon 9 for subsequent runs. Despite the significant savings, it is still unknown how many spins in practice one can survive the first stage.

For the next Starlink satellite launch company SpaceX used the first stage, which is already four times successfully flew into space and returned. However, the fifth run was the last one of the nine engines of the first stage blacked out for a few seconds before separation of the second stage, while shortly before that, you can see flash, which indicates the changed combustion process. Elon Musk on Twitter confirmed emergency engine shut-down, but noted that this did not affect the success of the mission.

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