The first Turkish reconnaissance ship proceeded to sea trials

“Ufuk”, the first Turkish scout ship went to sea for the passage of the acceptance testing. As writes Jane’s, sea trials of the ship started on 18 July 2020 in the Izmit Gulf. As expected, the Turkish naval forces will get a new vehicle before the end of summer 2020.

The draft reconnaissance ship “Ufuk” the developers put the project corvettes type “Hell”, the construction of which was carried out from 2007 to 2019. The design of the ship involved in the company STM, and is being built by Istanbul Shipyard company.

The length of the scout ship is 99 meters, width of 14.1 meters, and draught of 3.6 meters. “Ufuk” has a displacement of 2.4 thousand tons, a hundred tons more displacement corvettes type “Hell”.

In contrast to the basic project “Ufuk” does not have a helicopter hangar. While the ship set ground, able to take a helicopter weighing up to 10 tons. The ship went on sea trials, weapons yet, but it will have machine guns, to be used for self-defense.

“Ufuk” received all-diesel propulsion system (on the corvettes of the “Hell” are diesel and gas turbine propulsion). As a result, the maximum speed of the ship is 18 knots (33 km / h) to 29 knots at the corvettes of the “Hell”.

Details about the composition of the onboard equipment of the ship were not disclosed. Unlike the corvettes of the “Hell” “Ufuk” got a second mast, smaller than the main. It is installed closer to the stern.

Portal Navy Recognition saysthat “Ufuk” is the training and the test vehicle that can perform reconnaissance tasks.

Last fall, a Turkish company of the military-industrial complex began to develop submarine project MILDEN. This will be the first submarine of the Turkish development. The ship will be delivered to the fleet by 2040.

MILDEN project involves the creation of diesel-electric submarine with the airindependent power plant. The ship will suffer heavy torpedoes and guided missiles.

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