The French armed reconnaissance drone missiles

The French company Safran Electronics & Defense has developed a percussion version of the tactical reconnaissance UAV Patroller, the creation of which is commissioned of the land forces of France. As reports Jane’s, the official presentation of the device was planned on the French Eurosatory 2020, canceled because of a pandemic coronavirus infection.

Safran received a contract to develop a percussion version Patroller in 2019. Under the agreement, the apparatus shall be equipped with small rockets Thales Acüleüs caliber 68 mm with laser guidance. These weapons are capable of hitting fixed and moving ground targets at ranges up to 5 kilometers. The rocket mass is 8.8 kg.

In addition to missiles, Safran has equipped the UAV optronic and thermal imaging surveillance systems, and laser guidance system. Other details about the revision were not disclosed.

The development of UAV Patroller is from 2009 on the German two-seat sports glider Stemme S15. The device has a wing span of 18 meters and a maximum takeoff weight of 1.1 tons. UAV capable of speeds up to 110 knots (204 kilometers per hour) and to conduct reconnaissance at speeds up to 90 knots.

Patroller can carry a payload weighing up to 250 pounds. The range of the unit is 180 kilometers, and the length of stay in the air for 20 hours. The drone can fly at altitudes up to 6 thousand meters.

To date, the army of France ordered 14 of these reconnaissance drones with six ground control stations.

Earlier it became knownthat experts of the US Army, together with the representatives of the companies General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and Area-I tested the drums drone MQ-1C Gray Eagle launching small reconnaissance drone Altius-600.

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