The French nuclear submarine of the new generation came out on sea trials

French multi-purpose nuclear submarine of new generation “Suffren”, the lead ship of the project “Barracuda” went to sea on factory sea trials and did the first dive. About this in his Twitter reported the Directorate General of armament in France. About the beginning of the sea trials also wrote to the Minister of defence of France, Florence Parlee.

The project of the nuclear submarine “Barracuda” was developed in France since the beginning of 2000-ies. New ships in the French fleet will gradually replace the ageing nuclear submarines of the “Rubi”, come into service since 1983. In total, the French military intends to put into service six submarines of the “Suffren”.

Submerged displacement of the submarine “Suffren”, launched in July 2019, $ 5.3 thousand tons with a length of 99.5 meters and a width of 8.8 meters. A ship equipped with a nuclear reactor K15, with a capacity of 150 megawatts and is capable of speeds up to 25 knots. The submarine is armed with four torpedo tubes caliber of 533 millimeters to launch torpedoes and missiles, and minefields.

In the construction of French submarines implemented several new solutions, including water-jet propeller and X-shaped rudders placed in the rear. The new reactor allowed to increase the time between recharges of the power plant with seven to ten years.

Submarine “Suffren” allow the transportation of special mobile container attached to the wheelhouse. In this container you can place the weapons and equipment, as well as 12 Marines special operations forces. The new ships will be in service until at least 2060.

According to parley, sea trials of the submarine “Suffren” will last for several months: the developers check the operation of onboard systems of the ship, its handling and propulsion. And “Suffren” will give the French Navy for testing.

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