The Germans experienced winged air taxi-gyro

Promising air taxi-gyro Tensor 600X, developed by the German Aeronautics company Fraundorfer, made its first flight. As writes the Cockpit, the duration of the first flight during which the aircraft accelerated to 130 kilometers per hour and climbed to a height of 500 meters, was one hour. Later the gyro performed a series of test takeoffs and landings.

The autogyro is a type of rotary wing aircraft, whose rotor rotates only RAM air and thanks to this creates a lifting force. The gyroplane rotor in its properties similar to an aircraft wing. For the creation of a driving force from the gyros usually responds pusher propeller in the rear.

The developers of Aeronautics Fraundorfer, it is believed that the use of gyroplanes as air taxis compared to more traditional helicopters will allow to solve several problems, including fuel consumption, maintenance cost and noise.

During the first flight of the Tensor 600X experts have tested the control system gyro, the maneuverability and controllability of the machine, its stability. Soon test air taxi-gyroplane will continue. All work on the project, the developers plan to complete during the year, and in 2021 to begin deliveries of the first production aircraft to customers.

600X sextuple Tensor is created. Aerotaxi got the wing, in flight, creating additional lifting force. For takeoff air taxi-gyro to the required strip length of only 50 meters. The first flight of a gyroplane was held with a gasoline engine Rotax 915S. The project Tensor 600X provides the ability to install electric motor powered by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells.

According to the draft, cruising speed commuter jet autogyro is 200 kilometers per hour. The range of the car is 600 kilometers. The developers believe that Tensor 600X will be in demand for the transportation of passengers over medium distances.

Fraundorfer Aeronautics in addition to the development of a commuter jet autogyro deal with the American company Mooney International and Carter Aviation Technologies. Their project aircraft involves the creation of a gyroplane, which during takeoff and landing carrying the propeller is driven by electric motor. This will greatly reduce the length of run required for take-off gyroplane.

In horizontal flight the propeller is disconnected from the motor and go to the free rotation from air flow. For horizontal flight of a gyroplane will meet four propeller located at the two on the left and right consoles of the wing. It is expected that the new air taxi can carry up to five passengers. Flight speed is 280 kilometers per hour.

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