The Germans offered a modular design vertiport for air taxi

German startup Lilium presented a draft of a modular vertiport for air taxis, which can be built relatively quickly and cheaply. The company believes that the modular vertiport will be possible the rapid development of the network of platforms for receiving and sending a passenger aircraft.

Vertiport called small analogues of airports that are especially designed to send and receive small aircraft vertical takeoff and landing. It is assumed that vertiport will become nodal points in urban transportation network of the future.

The project vertiport developed by Lilium, involves the construction of such platforms, from a standard small modules. Such modules can be assembled at the factory, delivered to the right place and there docked in vertiport.

The project includes three standard module, which can be assembled vertiport: landing area, Parking for aircraft and passenger terminal. Thanks to the modularity it is possible to collect vertiport designed for virtually any capacity.

According to the developers, the smallest possible modular vertiport the customer will cost 1 — 2 million euros. This vertiport includes two Parking places for air taxi, a runway and a small terminal. The cost of most vertiport will be around 15 million euros.

In addition vertiport Lilium is developing an electric Jet air taxi Lilium. The first flight of the first prototype Jet Lilium held in 2017. In the spring of this year, one of the prototype air taxi burned down during maintenance.

Lilium Jet has two fixed wings, which is rotatably mounted fans. 12 such fans located on the front wing and 24 on the rear. By changing the installation angle of the fan air taxis can take off and land vertically, and perform a quick horizontal flight.

Under the project, the air taxi can fly at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour. The range of the device on a full charge the batteries will be about 300 kilometers. Air taxi made a five: four seats for passengers and one for pilots.

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