The gestures of the magician influenced the choice of the card by the spectator

Scientists have confirmed that a viewer is unconscious gestures of a magician can influence the decision — supporting selection of a particular card. Participants in the experiment chose the right card nine times more often when the magician used gestures, but did not understand what influenced their decision and consider your choice free and independent. Article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

One of the most controversial issues in psychology as the unconscious affects decision. On the one hand, the work of James Vicary, who claimed that the insert in the films of the phrases “drink Coca-Cola” and “eat popcorn” increase sales of these products were fabricated. With another current research confirmedthat not reaching consciousness, the hints influence the choice of the people. Such experiments carried out in strictly controlled laboratory conditions — they are easy to replicate and interpret, but the lack of them: paradigm unlike what we meet in real life, and the choices offered are usually only two or three.

The unexpected output is used in the science of magic, because the problem of “magic tricks” is to tell the person the right decision so that he does not realized. One of those tricks was invented by English magician Derren brown. He used an invisible non-verbal and verbal clues to the audience guessed the right card. For example, certain hand gestures (diamond of the fingers, and set aside three fingers) force the spectator to choose three of diamonds.

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