The heliplane to transport operations have experienced long-range flights

Specialists of the US Navy tested a transport convertiplane CMV-22B, designed to deliver cargo to aircraft carriers, long-haul flights. As reports Defense Aerospace, during the test the tiltrotor flew from the airfield of the company’s Bell in Amarillo, Texas at the base of the U. S. S. “Patuxent river” in Maryland.

Test flights of the tiltrotor lasted two days, and right in the air in the car is spent 6.5 hours. During the trip the car made several stops for refueling and diagnostics of airborne equipment. Flight distance was about 2.3 thousand kilometers. Held trials found to be successful.

CMV-22B is designed as a replacement of the obsolete carrier-based transport aircraft C-2A Greyhound. The latter was created in the first half of 1960-ies for the delivery of fuel, lubricants, provisions and spare parts to aircraft carriers.

The tiltrotor CMV-22B received conformal fuel tanks of the increased volume on the sides of the fuselage. The car has also been extended cargo Bay so it could accommodate and securely fasten jet fighter F-35C Lightning II. The cargo compartment of the C-2A but this powerplant will not fit.

CMV-22B is capable of carrying loads of up to 2.6 tons to a distance of 2.13 thousand kilometers. First and foremost, the military intends to use such devices for delivery of spare parts for the aircraft carriers located at a great distance from the coast. Maximum load of the machine is about 9 tons.

Basic tilt-rotor osprey V-22 was developed in the 1980-ies. It has a length of 17.5 meters, in height — 6.7 meters and a wingspan of 14 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of convertiplane is 27.4 tons at takeoff with a run on an aircraft and 23.8 tons at liftoff.

In airplane mode of flight V-22 can fly at the speed of 446 miles per hour on distance to 1,6 thousand kilometers. American convertiplane was designed to carry up to 32 people or cargo weighing 9 tons in the cargo compartment or up to 6.8 tons on an external sling.

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