The index finger was not associated with changes in the levels of testosterone in men

The ratio of the length of the index finger to the length of the nameless (also known as the index finger or 2D/4D) has nothing to do with the change in testosterone levels during exercise in men. It found the Polish scientists who have evaluated the correlation between the index finger and testosterone in 93 men: this may indicate that the prenatal influence of sex hormones on the length of fingers, most likely, it is impossible to evaluate the levels of sex hormones in adulthood. Article published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The first metric thumb index 2D/4D (the ratio of the length of the index finger to nameless) scientists described in the 1930s: then, on a relatively representative sample (402 men and 218 women) were able to show that 2D/4D in women more than in men. After that, already towards the end of the last century and early this, these results are again confirmed; in addition, the ratio of 2D/4D were associated with various psychological indicators: so, a few years ago, scientists showedthat the shorter the index finger relative to the nameless men, the friendlier he treats women.

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