The Israelis have built a search system operator based on the parameters of the drone

Researchers from the Israeli University named after David Ben-Gurion developed the search system of the operator of the drone’s flight parameters of UAV. As writes Breaking Defense, the new system has already undergone preliminary testing in the simulator and showed a relatively high ability to detect of drone operators without the use of radio signals.

Modern detection systems of drone operators use radiosignaly exchanged between the controller and the drones. Such a scheme works relatively accurately in the case of commercial drones, but is ineffective when it comes to military reconnaissance and attack drones.

In particular, the channel of communication of military units usually encrypted. In addition, drones can fly in the automatic mode, in which only transmit data through a secure channel, but do not accept commands from the control station. All this greatly complicates the search operator.

Researchers from the University named after David Ben-Gurion created a neural network algorithm that can with relatively high probability of finding a point of departure of the UAV only using the data about the parameters of its flight.

According to the developers, the algorithm analyzes the trajectory of the UAV taking into account weather conditions, lighting, obstacles in the way of a drone. Testing in the simulator showed that the system can detect the location of the drone operator with a probability of 78 percent. Other details about the development were not disclosed.

At the beginning of 2020, the Israeli defense Ministry announced about the development of universal military laser module, which can be used to intercept drones, improvised rockets, mortars, and tactical ballistic missiles. Module test is scheduled to begin this year.

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